Welcome to Snuga Bug Sleep!

As certified sleep consultants we are pleased to help your family and little ones benefit from the gift of sleep. As moms we understand the importance of sleep and the effect it has on your child’s development. We believe in sleep science and we are devoted to helping families find a healthy sleep balance.

The holistic science of sleep method from IPHI founded by Mar De Carlo, does not believe in a “cookie cutter” or “sleep training” approach to sleep consulting. Instead we use our founder’s sleep optimizing strategies to carefully examine and address imbalances in optimal human function (physical, mental, emotional) and external influences (social, cultural, environmental and nutrition) that inhibit sleep and may lead to child sleep challenges.

If you entrust in our sleep philosophies we pledge to provide solutions within your comfort level, parenting values and belief system. As you overcome your family sleep challenges, we want you to know that we’ll support you the way we rely on each other as sisters and as mothers.


How do I know if I need a Sleep Consultant?

Is your child...

  • Irritable and fussy around late afternoon and dinner time
  • Short naps of 45 minutes or less
  • Frequent night wakings
  • Early morning wake times
  • Taking too long to fall asleep at bedtime

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Sleep in a snap


Spend up to 45 minutes with one of the sisters from Snuga Bug on the phone to answer your specific questions.

Start sleeping


With one of the sisters from Snuga Bug this package offers a 1 hour sleep or video consultation to review your intake questionnaire and provide you a customized sleep plan that you can carry out on your own.

Note: You can add a support package if needed.

Sleep Initiation


This is a 30 minute course by phone or video that will inform expectant or new parents about what to expect and how to introduce healthy sleep foundations from the beginning of the baby's life.

Note: An empowering start for baby and mom to help them along their sleep journey. Also a great baby shower gift idea!

Extended Sleep Help

5 days - $375 7 days - $575

You are exhausted and you need a little extra support! This package offers a 1 hour sleep or video consultation to review your intake questionnaire and provide you a customized sleep plan and unlimited e-mail support.


We don’t start implementing sleep methods or putting your baby on a schedule before 4-6 months of age. However, we can help you with laying down a solid sleep foundation by offering you tips and strategies for sleep optimization for your baby prior to 6 months of age (newborn sleep, benefits of sleep, sleep science, etc...)
We’ll always respect and leave the decision to you on what method to use. Our job is to educate you on the many sleep methods, to set with you the recommended sleep goals and to ensure you are effectively applying them in order for your little ones to achieve sleep success.
Between the two of us, we know first-hand with our own five children the challenges parents go through to get their baby to sleep. From rocking or nursing to sleep, walking the hallway or using the stroller/car for naps, we’ve done it all! We can empathize with parents and we understand how emotionally draining it can be when sleep deprived. We are certified sleep consultants through IPHI (The International Parenting and Health Institute), which you can find our credentials in the About Me page of our website.
When parents follow our advice closely and consistently apply our schedules, most babies adjust to their new schedule within a week or two.
You can. There are many informative books out there for you to read. As we found ourselves and what we’ve learned through IPHI, these books are very general and even the best information books can be hard to sort through when you’ve had little sleep. We can offer you the information you need along with support and guidance as you work through the plan that we create specifically for you and your child.

Accredited Sleep Professionals International Parenting and Health Institute