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I am so happy you chose to work with us. Being a mom myself, I know how exhausting a sleepless baby can be. Exhaustion is not easy and can lead to challenges with relationship bonding for mom and baby. When my first son was born, I remember thinking I am NEVER going to sleep again. I was overtired and emotionally drained. My husband and I were snapping at each other, we felt helpless. We tried to turn to our families for advice, but similar to ALL the sleep books out there that we read, we got conflicting advice. We tried every book method or old proverb our families suggested. Which left me and my son drained and miserable. I was so hard on myself, I felt like I was failing as a mom. I was lucky to stumble upon sleep optimization and to have found IPHI. Part of the reason why I’ve chosen to work with families is to help them navigate through the confusion and their state of disorder to ultimately find a solution for a healthier and better sleep.

Being a mom to three boys is gratifying, I’ve learned a lot. Every one of my children has a different temperament and therefore required a customized sleep plan. I am proud of the sleep goals we achieved as a family and as a result I have well rested boys that have been equipped with a robust toolbox to aid them in their development. As a result of the knowledge I acquired with my children and their sleep, I decided to follow my interest in sleep science and to obtain my certification as a sleep consultant with IPHI.

As your sleep coach my promise is to respect your family dynamics and values all while guiding you through the process of helping your child be happy and be the healthiest version of themselves they can be. I will always present the most optimized sleep plan and a few of my own opinions, but if you disagree I’m open to hearing your thoughts.

So, jump in and together let’s try getting your baby sleeping as quickly as possible.


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